Brand and website designer by day;
Dyer and fiber artist by night.

Hello and welcome! I'm Sarah, the dyer and maker behind TwigBerryStudio. I’ve been creating things with my hands for as long as I can remember. I take projects with me everywhere, and my favorite colors include moss green, rust, grey, and mustard; I love those earthy tones!

After making handmade products for the past several years, I switched gears and decided to create materials to help other makers create works of art, too. I love inspiring people to make beautiful things, and I started hand-dying cozy, soft yarn to do just that.

As a full-time brand and website designer, I love using those skills to hone my fiber color palettes, design knitwear, and create packages that are a smiling experience to open.



TwigBerryStudio is a shop where knitting, crocheting, and aesthetics combine to please the eye. It springs from my love of making things and my goal to nestle handmade products into daily life, and craftsmanship is at the root of my handmade process. My designs feature influences of nature with a modern, trendy twist.

hand dyed yarn by twigberrystudio